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Hybrid propulsion systems
for light aircraft & drones

Wankel Aviation GmbH is a joint venture of Wankel SuperTec GmbH and Certification Office Fräbel, combining decades of experience in the development of exceptional rotary engines with deep expertise in aviation products and complex systems.

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Wankel Aviation focusses on hybrid propulsion systems for electrically powered drones and light aircraft.

Core components of these hybrid propulsion systems are

  • Wankel Aviation’s rotary engines

  • matching generators driven by the rotary engine generating electricity and acting as starter for the engine

  • power electronics

  • a buffer battery to provide electricity for starting the system as well as for peak demands

  • an electronic control system

  • electric motors propelling the aircraft.

Hybrid propulsion systems allow for smaller combustion engines than in direct propulsion systems. In addition, within the hybrid systems, the combustion engines can operate close to their design point, allowing for unmatched fuel efficiency. In addition, a hybrid electric system supports the optimum matching of efficiency between engine and propeller.

Please contact us to discuss the most suitable system layout for your aircraft. We can also supply semi-integrated hybrid systems consisting of engine, generator and inverter matching your onboard electricity needs.

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Wankel Aviation develops best-in-class, EASA-certified rotary aviation engines based on Wankel SuperTec’s existing and proven lines of multifuel rotary engines:

for use with almost any fuels, including

  • diesel,

  • Jet-A,

  • kerosine,

  • e-fuels such as green methanol, and

  • hydrogen;

turbo or compressor-charged for use in high altitudes;

excellent power-to-weight ratios;

exceptionally low vibration levels;

efficient in fuel consumption;

reliable with long TBOs;

supporting high level of flexibility in operation based on the Engine Time Limited Dispatch / Aircraft MEL approach

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Development and certification procedures for our aviation engines are ongoing.
Engines already available as prototypes for use in hybrid propulsion systems for aircraft design projects are

Wankel Aviation: Produkte

KKM 350

lightweight, compact & multi-fuel

Based on a concept of a ultra-light, compact engine unit for Diesel and aviation fuels, we designed the KKM350. Our smallest rotary engine weighs only 28 kg, which can only be compared to a two-stroke engine.


KKM 500

powerful & lightweight

Our KKM500 also has the possibility of burning a variety of fuels, liquid and gaseous. With a net power to weight ratio of 1kW/kg for a single-rotor up to 1,7kW/kg for a four-rotor rotary engine.



Hydrogen-powered aircraft allow for sustainable, climate-neutral aviation.

Our hydrogen-fueled engines let you achieve this goal, offering

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We started developing hydrogen-fueled engines in 2018, put the first such engine in operation 2019 and have been optimizing them since.

Use of hydrogen in aviation, however, raises challenging questions regarding total system safety on board the aircraft. Certification requirements have to be considered from the very beginning of the aircraft development process in order to ensure that the aircraft qualifies for receiving EASA or FAA approvals. We are here to support certifiable hydrogen propulsion system design concepts for later integration into the aircraft.

We would be very pleased to support you on making your aircraft safe to fly with hydrogen. Please contact us to find out more.

Elektronische Leiterplatte


Wankel Aviation Engines will be controlled by double channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control Systems. The Control Laws implemented in the software ensure a very efficient control of the engine. The double channel architecture represents a failsafe design concept and is therefore compliant with applicable Certification Specifications CS-E. The System, the Software and the Airborne Electronic Hardware are developed according to ARP4754A; ARP4761; DO-178C and DO-254 Design Assurance Level C.

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In order to accelerate our company’s growth and the development of our products, we welcome investors in our company. Should you be interested in a direct investment in Wankel Aviation GmbH, please contact us at

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Wankel Aviation GmbH

Burger Chaussee 20
D-03044 Germany

Represented by its general managers
Ulrich Fräbel & Dr. Holger Hanisch


Registergericht / Court of Registration: AG Cottbus
Registereintragsnummer / Number of Company Registration: HRB 13973 CB
Ust-Nr. / German Turnover-Tax No.: DE322355621

Wankel SuerTec GmbH undertakes with reasonable effort to assure that the information given on this site is correct and complete. However, Wankel SuperTec GmbH does not undertake any legal responsibility or guaranty for this information being up to date, correct, complete or of any particular quality. This particularly applies to all direct or indirect referrals (“links”) to other websites. Wankel SuperTec GmbH denies all responsibility for the content of sites that can be reached through such links. Wankel SuperTec GmbH explicitly reserves the right to change, amend or delete parts of this site or the entire site without previous announcement, or to temporarily or permanently terminate this publication.

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If you have any queries or would like to book a free no obligation initial consultation please either call +49 (0) 355 289256-50 or fill in your contact details below to send an e-mail.

Thank you for your message!

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